Stefan is a Lecturer in Religious Studies at the University of Leeds. He teaches courses in Religion and Politics and Theology and Ethics. His research interests cross disciplines of theology, philosophy and political thought and coalesce around a fascination with narratives of the end, apocalypse and utopia. University web page.

Current writing projects are: a chapter for a forthcoming book on the ‘systematic theology for a changing climate; a piece of fiction writing for the Babelfiche film project that was launched in Manchester in September 2012.

Stefan is a multi-instrumentalist (Cello, Guitar, Double Bass) and member of Single Cell music collective in Manchester. He is cellist with acclaimed Manchester funk-soul outfit Caulbearers, who released their first EP in June 2011 and are currently working on their first studio album.

When he is not thinking about the end of the world, Stefan makes the most of the present by swimming, cycling and running (in that order). He completed his first Ironman Triathlon in Nice, France in 2011.