Welcome to the website of Stefan Skrimshire, where you can read my work and link to my projects.

I am a writer and teacher interested in beliefs and ideas about the future and the end in philosophy, religion, and political culture, particularly in the context of climate change, the war on terror, and other narratives of crisis. I lecture in Religion and Politics and Ethics at The University of Leeds.

My work over the past few years explore these themes through a variety of contexts, including: messianic belief; utopian social movements; apocalypse in philosophy and popular culture; religion and climate change. I am also interested in the discourse and practice of hope in the future: where it comes from, what language it takes, and what forms of social life it constructs. Multiple pathways, many futures. I am exploring these themes through academic writing, but also in other creative formats (see “playing”) such as musical collaboration, creative writing, and an innovative environmental housing project.

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